Our partners offer police clubs a range of incentives, benefits and discounts for our members and their families to enjoy. In return Force Clubs and the UK Police Clubs Forum communicate and market these offers across the UK usually for no fee. This can be a powerful sales tool to assist businesses reach thousands of UK public sector employees. All we ask is that any offer is a genuine exclusive offer made only to a restricted group and not available to the mass market via Google searches, vouchers, Groupon or any other method.  Each force club will judge how best to advertise specific incentives and any national deal can be marketed via the UK Forum that communicate in a variety of ways*.  The Forum meets bi-annually and partners are welcome to attend to present incentives. 

If you would like to work with UK police clubs please make contact with any of the below;

*We only accept incentives when offered to police sports and social clubs on the basis that the offer has no connection with the police force itself or any policing function or any individual staff in his or capacity as a police member of staff.